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UP woman attacked by in-laws with acid after she refuses divorce

Uttar Pradesh woman was attacked by her in-laws after she refused to accept divorce by triple talaq over phone.

This incident took place in Neuria area of Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh.

The attacked woman was in her 40s and identified as Rehana. She filed a complaint on this and the Uttar Pradesh police had begun their investigation in this matter and registered FIR against five people.

A police officer reported that Rehana has received urn injuries on her back and the police are waiting for the medical report.

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Rehana was married to Matlub around 18 years ago and she went to the United States with him. Differences started between them in 2011 when they came to India for few days stay and Matlub returned to the US and said he would call Rehana after few days.

Matlub did not call Rehana back to the US and said her that he joined a new job in New York. He called her after few years just to divorce her over the phone through triple talaq.

Things change as she refused to accept the triple talaq. Rehana’s in-laws wanted her to leave the house and poured acid on her.

Rehana told to ANI that she want her in-laws to get punished for whatever they had done to her and added they should be sent to jail.

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