Vijay Sai wife Vanitha Reddy talks to media about allegations in suicide

Vijay Sai wife Vanita Reddy

Vijay Sai’s wife Vanitha Reddy spoke to media about the allegations on her and said that they were living separately from the last two years and she does not know the reason for Vijay committing suicide now.

She said that her husband Vijay was close to another woman which initiated fights between them and they got separated. She added that she never said no for taking their daughter on Sundays.

Telugu Comedian Vijay Sai

Telugu Comedian Vijay Sai

Vanitha added that she spoke to Vijay’s parents about their son’s relationship with other woman but they were careless. She said to media that she asked only her earned money as she have a daughter and she should take care of her.

On the other hand police recovered Vijay Sai’s phones and they found a selfie video in which he said that the lawyer and Shashidher harassed him for money which led him to take this extreme step. He said that Vanitha was already married to Ammi Reddy previously and she and her mother were prostitutes. He met her during wall poster shooting and requested his parents to bring his daughter as he did not want her to grow in the bad environment. He asked his father that everyone will be punished in this case.

She went to the mortuary to see her husband. There she spoke to media in Osmania Hospital where Vijay body was undergoing post mortem.

Vijay Selfie Video: In the Vijay selfie video he said that his wife Vanitha, Shashidhar and advocate Srinivas harrassed him and demanded Rs 3 crore to withdraw the case. Shashidhar interefered between them and Vanitha tortured him with Shashidhar’s support.

Now police are trying to find out who is Shashidhar even though Vanita told that she did not know Shashidhar.

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