Vanita Reddy reveals shocking health condition of Vijay Sai

Vanita revealed a shocking truth about Vijay Sai’s health condition. She revealed that Vijay Sai was suffering with HIV and she came to know about it from a woman with whom Vijay was having affair.

She said that her husband used to bring one woman to home and she saw him intimately hugging another woman which led to arguments and fight between them.

He was also in hospital for 15 days which might be due to HIV. She added that Vijay did not give her a single rupee and she took what she brought to his home after marriage.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

She also questioned that if she was the reason for his suicide he might have done before as they are living separately since two years. She said that Vijay and his family are saying whatever they wish as they were in their sorrow.

She said that she sold her land and gave money to Vijay when he wanted to produce the film. She said that she did not except a single rupee from his money.

Vanita said that Vijay married other woman and also left her afterwards. She denied her husband’s selfie video in which she spoke that she is sold for business and is doing business under Shashidhar.

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