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US wakes up to possible terror attack in Seaside Park, NJ; No casualties reported

America woke up this morning to a possible terror attack in Seaside Park in Ocean County, NJ where there was a charity 5K race scheduled to happen.

Fortunately, there were no casualties nor any injuries have been reported by what was an explosion inside a garbage can.

The blast took place in the Jersey Shore town happened around 9:30 AM.

There is confirmation that the blast was from a detonator, a pipe bomb placed intentionally in the garbage can in view of the charity 5K race which was to feature thousands of runners.

The event called as Semper Five run which was to benefit Marines and sailors was cancelled as a result. It was the third edition of the Semper Five charity run which was just minutes away from starting and was to pass by the same location where the garbage can explosion took place.

Seaside Park, New Jersey

Seaside Park, New Jersey

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Security agencies have locked down the explosion area while sniffer dogs were deployed to thoroughly scan the area for explosive traces.

Seaside Park Mayor Tony Vaz has reportedly informed the local media that there were two unexploded devices that were additionally found.

It has been revealed that the runners had to pass by the same area and at the same time where the explosion took place. However, as luck turned out to be, the start of the charity run event was delayed following an unattended backpack that was spotted by the security.

On its official site, Seaside Semper Five stated : “Out of extreme precaution, this year’s Seaside Semper Five has been cancelled due to an unidentified backpack found at the race site.”

Multiple security agencies have been rushed in to investigate the explosion to figure out the intention behind it, whether it was a terror attack or something else.

The last terror attack on American soil was in July this year when an American-born citizen with Afghan origin Omar Mateen shot dead 49 people and injured 53 at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

It can also be recalled that a similar terror attack happened at Boston in April 2013 which has some sort of a resemblance to what could have happened today at the third Semper Five run event at Seaside Park. The Boston terror attack saw two bombs detonating to target the Boston Marathon which killed three and injured around 264 people.

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