US Supreme Court backs Trump travel ban on certain Muslim nations

Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting various Muslim-majority nations has been upheld by the US Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The idea that Trump’s travel ban reflected unconstitutional religious discrimination was also dismissed by the US Supreme Court.

Donald Trump got a favorable ruling of 5-4 which puts an end to a long legal fight on whether the ban was unlawful. The Supreme Court ruling reverses the earlier ruling from lower courts which blocked the travel ban in the past.

In its ruling, the US Supreme Court came to a conclusion that the petitioners could not prove that the Trump travel ban violates the US immigration law and also the US Constitution’s First Amendment prohibition on the government preferring a particular religion over another.

US President Donald Trump photo

US President Donald Trump. Photo courtesy of Donald Trump.

Chief Justice John Roberts ruled that the Trump administration had established an adequate national security justification for the travel ban to be imposed. However, the court refused to express its views on the rationale of the policy.

The Supreme Court ruling will enable the current travel ban to continue while giving Donald Trump the choice to add more nations to the list. The President had earlier said that the travel ban is required to guard the US against Islamic terror attacks.

Announced in September 2017, the Trump travel ban denies entry of most people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen into the US.

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