Train bus collision in Russia kills at least 16 people

At least 16 people were killed when a train collided with a passenger bus that had broken down on a level crossing east of Moscow on Friday.

According to latest reports, Russia’s Investigative Committee said that 16 people were killed in this incident whereas the head of the regional health service previously said that 19 people were killed in the accident.

The train-bus collision took place during the night time near the town of Pokrov which is 110 km east of the Russian capital.

As per the primary information, 16 people including a child were killed. The injured passengers were admitted in the hospital for treatment of injuries. An inquiry into the incident has been opened.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

As per the regional interior ministry, the bus encountered a problem as it broke down on the level crossing when the train was coming from the second city of Saint Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow. The train slammed into the bus at around 3:29 am on Friday. The dead people were the passengers of the bus.

No train passengers were among the dead. The railway ministry released the pictures of the wreck of the bus near the railway track.

One of the two bus drivers was a Kazakh national. Among the bus passengers, 55 were from Uzbekistan.

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