Times Square Explosion : New York police respond to blast near Times Square in Manhattan

Explosion took place near New York Times Square in midtown Manhattan at 42nd street and 8th Avenue and New York police responded to the news reports about the bombing.

Some subway train lines are being evacuated following the explosion. The New York fire department said that it was responding to the explosion incident that took place at the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan.

New York Times Square

New York Times Square (Photo Courtesy: News Video Online)

New York police department said that they were investigating the cause of explosion of unknown origin in Manhattan on Monday morning and the people were being evacuated. The A,C and E lines of subway trains are being evacuated at that time.

The authorities are requesting the people to avoid the area near Port Authority because of police activity.

The prime cause of explosion is thought of pipe bomb detonation in a passageway below ground at Port Authority. One person is taken into custody and some people were injured in this incident. Police recovered a video and are assuring that everything is under control.

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