Ten people including 7 women die in road accident in Kutch, Gujarat

At least ten people including seven women and a minor boy died on the spot when the tractor in which they were travelling was hit by a bus near Shikra village in Gujarat’s Kutch district.

9 dead in collision between tractor trolley & bus (ANI/Twitter)

There were 25 people travelling in the tractor and belong to the same family and they were heading to a marriage ceremony from Shikra to Vij Pasar village, when a luxury bus hit it on early morning of Sunday.

The luxury bus was on its way to Kumbhardi from Gandhidham, when the tractor came out on the national highway and was hit by the bus that killed nine persons including 10 year old boy and seven women. Four persons suffered serious injuries in the Kutch road accident. One of the injured person died after being shifted to a government hospital in Bhachau.

The deceased persons were identified as Kankuben Anawadiya (60), Pamiben Anawadiya (55), Jigyaben Anawadiya (25), Dayaben Anawadiya (35), Manaben Anawadiya (50), Nishaben Anawadiya (17), Ramaben Anawadiya (60), Kishor Anawadiya (10), Vishal Anawadiya (20).

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