Telugu comedian Vijay Sai wife Vanitha Reddy surrenders to Jubilee Hills police

Vanitha Reddy, wife of Tollywood comedian late Vijay Sai at last surrendered to the police at the Jubilee Hills police station on Wednesday afternoon.

Vijay Sai committed suicide earlier this month, alleging that he was being tortured by his wife, lawyer and another person demanding Rs 3 crore from him.

Vanitha Reddy received notices from the police and finally surrendered yesterday. She said that she was facing harassment from her in-laws after her husband committed suicide.

Breaking news. Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Vanitha Reddy spoke to media before she surrendered to the police and condemned the allegations made by her in-laws and said that they filed a case against her.

Vanitha Reddy said that she was gathering evidences to prove her innocence in her husband’s suicde case. Purna Chander, Jubilee Hills police inspector said that they issued a notice to her to surrender within three days but she came to the police station on the same day and also brought the evidences and surrendered to them. Vanitha Reddy entered police station along with her daughter Kundana.

Vijay Sai took a selfie video before hanging self and urged his father to take strict action on his wife. After few days, Vanitha Reddy released a selfie and also revealed few intimate pictures of Vijay Sai with another woman to news channels.

A case has been booked under IPC section 306 of abetment of suicide against Vanitha Reddy and they will proceed according to the evidence.

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