Telugu actress Annapurna’s daughter Keerthi hangs herself to death

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Annapurna daughter suicide : Telugu veteran actress Annapurna’s daughter Keerthi died after hanging herself to a ceiling fan in an apartment in Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad on Saturday.

As per reports, Annapurna daughter committed suicide in the early hours of Saturday due to health concerns, more specifically due to depression.

It is learnt that Tollywood actress Annapurna after not having any children, adopted Keerhi and three years ago got her married to Venkatakrishna, who works in Bengaluru as a software engineer. Due to some differences with her husband, Annapurna daughter Keerthi has been staying separately near her mother’s apartments in Hyderabad.

The couple also has a 1-year-old daughter, as per media reports.

Senior actress Annapurna has acted in hundreds of movies in Tollywood, especially in mother characters. She lives at a nearby apartment to that of her daughter Kirthi.

Annapoorna has been acting in Tollywood movies since the 1970s.


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