Telangana girl Thirumalagiri Swathi dies mysteriously in London

A Telangana woman named Thirumalagiri Swathi hailing from Warangal district had a mysterious death in London which is being blamed on her husband Sripathi Rajesh by the victim’s parents and relatives.

Thirumalagiri Swathi’s parents allege that their techie son-in-law was aided by his parents Sripathi Srinivas and Vijaya in the murder.

According to a report in Deccan Chronicle, they staged a protest against the alleged Thirumalagiri Swathi murder  in Hanamkonda, in front of their son-in-law Sripathi Rajesh’s house which is under lock.

Thirumalagiri Swathi wedding with Sripathi Rajesh reportedly took place on 4 November 2016 with the bridegroom receiving a hefty dowry of Rs 35 lakh.

Sea Shore Representative Image

Sea Shore Representative Image

At the time of his marriage with Thirumalagiri Swathi, Sripathi Rajesh was employed in Singapore. Later on he moved to London where he shifted with his wife and was joined by his parents and sister.

The alleged Thirumalagiri Swathi murder seems to have the angle of additional dowry demanded by the husband and his parents. Parents of the victim claim that their daughter was harassed for more dowry after moving to London on grounds that Sripathi Rajesh was getting a better pay package . They revealed that Thirumalagiri Swathi spoke to them on 2 October to convey how she was not able to stay in London and wished to come back to India.

On Wednesday, they were informed by Sripathi Rajesh that Thirumalagiri Swathi fell into the sea and later died after being admitted in a London hospital.

Parents and relatives of Thirumalagiri Swathi have turned to top Telangana leaders including KT Rama Rao and also Union Minister of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to help them receive the body of the victim.

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