Telangana Congress leader killed by second wife by placing bomb under cot

Telangana Congress leader of Nalgonda was killed brutally by placing a bomb under his cot while he was sleeping.

It is now disclosed that the 48 year old Nalgonda Congress leader D Dharma Nayak was killed by his second wife in a bid to eliminate him. She took the help of his lover in a tribal area in Nalgonda district on Tuesday.

Dharma Nayak’s second wife and her lover placed crude bombs under his cot when he was sleeping and he was blasted to pieces. This incident took place in Nagarjunapeta of Chinthalapalem village of Tirumalagiri mandal.

D Dharma Nayak served as a local Congress leader and vice sarpanch of Chinthalapalem village. He had two wives Savithri and Sirisha. As per the police reports, as Dharma Nayak’s first wife could not bear him a child, his family members forced him to marry 22 year old Sirisha eight years ago. Dharma Nayak was blessed with three children with Sirisha.

Later, Sirisha fell in love with A Ravi aged 19 years who live in the same village. Sirisha eloped with Ravi in November last year and are living separately. But after few days, the villagers intervened and forced Sirisha to return to village and live with Dharma Nayak.

So in a bid to get rid of her husband, it is suspected that Sirisha and Ravi planned to kill him to continue with her extramarital affair and used crude bombs for murder.


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