Teenage Russian model Vlada Dzyuba dies of overwork and exhaustion

A 14-year old Russian model Vlada Dzyuba died of over work and exhaustion after she participated in Shanghai Fashion Week but a medical report stated that she had septicopyemia by the representative of the Fashion event.

However, the Chienese agency representing the Russian model denied the allegations that she was overworked and exhausted.

The Russian model died in a Chinese hospital on October 27 and it has reflected a light on the murky world of Western models in China of which many of them are from the former Soviet Union.

The model was feeling dizzy and became sick on October 24 and was taken to a Shanghai hospital the next day, but her condition deteriorated quickly and died on Friday (October 27).

Vlada Dzyuba

Vlada Dzyuba – Russian model (Image Courtesy: Vlada Dzyuba/facebook)

It was reported in The Siberian Times that the model died of meningitis with severe exhaustion.

ESEE’s chief executive Zheng Yi stated that the model worked for legal eight hours a day during her two months in China before she died. He said that the model was having 16 different jobs during her two-month stay in China but she took regular breaks from her work. She used to complete most of her work within eight hours and her workload was moderate compared to other models.

After she participated in Shanghai Fashion Week she travelled to Yiwu which is a city south of Shanghai for a shoot but cancelled it and returned to Shanghai as she started feeling unwell.

Vlada Dzyuba was to turn 15 with her birthday coming on November 8 which highlighted a piece of Chinese law that children under 16 years of age can be employed with official permission in certain industries.

Shanghai Fashion Week or the Russian officials in China did not respond immediately but the Global Times quoted that a representative of the vent said that they are investigating the matter and cited medical report saying that the model died of Septicopyemia, a type of blood poisoning.

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