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Suriya’s action movie Singam 3 release date finally fixed

Charming hero Suriya’s Singam 3 release date seems to be finally fixed for February 9 after facing multiple postponements from its producer Gnanavelraja and others.

Talk is that Singam 3 has already collected Rs 100 crore as per the producer through satellite and distribution rights.

Suriya Singam 3 Release Date Problems

While we can’t take the producer’s words to be entirely true, one thing is true that Singam 3 will be releasing after facing several hurdles.

It was slated to release much earlier but somehow kept on getting postponed all the time as the makers wanted to avoid competition from other big films and protected it from getting ruined by issues like demonetization, cyclone Vardah and Jallikattu that had paralyzed normal life.

Suriya Singam 3 poster

Suriya Singam 3 poster

Singam 3 like Singam 1 and Singam 2 is a cop movie full of mass masala and action with Suriya Sivakumar fighting off goons. In Telugu, Singam 3 will be Yamudu 3 like its two prequels Yamudu 1 and Yamudu 2.

Yamudu 3 release date will also be February 9. In Telugu, Suriya has been a well-received actor for the audience, especially after his blockbuster hit Ghazini.

Singam 3 will have Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan. It also has Thakur Anoop Singh, Mr World 2015 and a television actor making his debut in Kollywood, playing the role of the main villain in Singam 3.

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