IBN 24 news channel anchor Supreet Kaur reports husband’s death on live TV

In what was an extremely tragic case, IBN 24 news channel anchor Supreet Kaur had to unfortunately read out news about her husband’s death on live television.

The incident happened on Saturday in a 10:00 AM live news bulletin on the Chhattisgarh regional news channel.

According to the Indian Express, Supreet Kaur, a 28-year-old was reporting on a IBN 24 news channel bulletin about a car accident in Mahasamund on NH 353 which had three people dead. Initially, she did not know that her husband Harshad Kawade was among the victims as she was speaking live with a local reporter who was describing the Chhattisgarh car accident without giving out the names.

Supreet Kaur News Anchor photo

Supreet Kaur News Anchor at IBN 24 news channel

However, she could soon figure out that she was reading news about none other than her husband’s death. Despite that, the IBN 24 anchor Supreet Kaur kept her composure and as a thorough professional continued the bulletin for another ten minutes while suppressing her personal feelings. Once the camera was off, she broke down and had to eventually leave for the Chhattisgarh car accident site where her husband died.

An unnamed senior editor of IBC 24 news channel has been quoted by the Indian Express to have said: “As she read out the news, she found out that it was the vehicle her husband was to travel in that region on the same day. Even though the reporter on the ground did not give out names, the team could tell that she had found out.

“The production team had also just found out, but could not tell her as she was live on television.”

According to the police version, a Renault Duster vehicle with five people was hit from the rear by an unidentified vehicle, most probably a truck. The Renault Duster vehicle was damaged terribly leaving three people dead on the spot and the other two with grave injuries. One of the victims was the husband of IBN 24 news anchor Supreet Kaur, Harshad Kawade from Raipur.

According to IBN 24 news channel, Supreet Kaur has been a popular news anchor in the state and had been working with them for nine years. She also has a young daughter.

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