Student attacks teacher with gun in Russian school

A 15-year old student attacked his teacher and opened fire using an air gun in a full classroom in suburb of Moscow.

Russian investigators confirmed that a boy attacked his teacher in a classroom in Russian school. This school was located in the suburb of Ivanteyevka. The boy walked into the full class room today hiding the air gun under his raincoat.

The suspected student was detained for the attack on the teacher. The police could not find any motive for the gun attack. Other than teacher no one was shot.

handgun generic image

A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

The teacher suffered a brain injury and was hospitalized. A student jumped from the window of the classroom and he suffered a fracture. Two other students also jumped and they suffered bruises.

Russia has strict gun control laws unlike the United States. But it was not clear about how the teenage boy got hold of the weapon.

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