South Korea Sejong hospital fire kills 41 and injures 80

South Korea Sejong hospital fire kills 41 and injures 80

A massive fire engulfed a South Korean Hospital on Friday killing at least 41 people and injuring 80 others. This is reported as the worst fire accident in 15 years by the government there.

The hospital was a six-storey building consisting of a nursing home and a hospital. The death toll was very high in the morning and those people who were pulled off early succumbed to the injuries.

Building fire accident photo

Building fire accident representative image. Photo courtesy of think4photop/

This fire accident took place just a few weeks before when thousands of athletes and foreign visitors are expected to visit the country for Winter Olympics. The hospital is located in Miryang and helicopters were rushed to the spot for rescue operation.

According to the reports from presidential Blue House, the death toll had reached to 41 by the lunchtime. It was reported that two nurses had seen the fire erupting from the emergency room suddenly.

All the patients have been evacuated quickly except 15 patients from the ICU on the third floor as the firefighters had to wait for the medical staff to supervise the process. All the dead people were in the hospital belonging to first and second floors. While few of them lost their lives on the way to other hospital.

After the South Korea fire accident, the video shows that the hospital building was engulfed by thick dark smoke and was surrounded with many fire trucks. The survivors were brought out wrapped in blankets.

At the time of South Korea Hospital fire accident; there were around 200 people in Sejong Hospital.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In took up an emergency meeting with his advisers and demanded an enquiry about the cause of fire.

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