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Suriya to postpone Singam 3 Tamil movie release date for Karthi’s Kashmora

Find out here the Suriya starring Singam 3 Tamil movie release date & also his brother Karthi starring Kashmora movie release date from our Kollywood news from our Kollywood latest news article. And know why Suriya is postponing Singam 3 move release date.

Kashmora Movie Release Date and Singam 3 Tamil Movie Release Date

Suriya’s third movie in the Singam fold – Singam 3 was earlier reported to be released during this Diwali.

However, that is not going to happen! Reason is the brotherly love shown by Suriya towards his thambi (younger brother) Karthi.

Well, Karthi’s periodic thriller Kashmora which is completing its shooting is also scheduled for a Diwali release. So to avoid any clash at the Box Office, Suriya has decided to postpone Singam 3.

Instead Singam 3 movie release is likely to be in December probably coinciding with Christmas.

Kashmora Movie Details

Meanwhile Kashmora is thought of to be the biggest movie in Karthi Sivakumar’s career. Kashmora director is Gokul who is into his third venture following the 2011 Tamil movie Rowthiram and 2013 Tamil film Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara.

Karthi in Kashmora movie poster

Karthi in Kashmora movie poster

This historic-horror-comedy Tamil movie 2016 Kashmora also features Nayanathara and Sri Divya (of Telugu movie Kerintha fame).

The film is being produced with a budget of INR 60 crore by S R Prakashbabu and S R Prabhu under the Dream Warrior Pictures banner.

Santhosh Narayan is the music director of Kashmora. He is none other than the Rajnikanth Kabali music director.

Singam 3 Movie Details

Coming to Suriya Sivakumar, his Singam 3 which is also called as S3 is still on the floors. Singam 3 has got Anushka Shetty again and Shruti Haasan plays her first role in the Singam series.

Suriya in Singam 3 Poster

Suriya in Singam 3 Poster

Hari is the director of Singam 3 as well. He was also the director of Singam (2010) and Singam 2 (2013). Haris Jayaraj who has scored some of the brilliant musical hits for Suriya does the favours again as the Singam 3 music director.

Haris Jayaraj has replaced Devi Sri Prasad who was the music director of Singam and Singam 2.

The producer of Singam 3 is KE Gnanavel Raja who was also the Singam producer. For the record, Singam 2 producer was S Lakshman Kumar.

Suriya would be hoping Singam 3 to be a hit as his recent movies Mass and the high-profile sci-fi movie 24 did not do do well at the Box Office commercially.

Thank you for reading our Kollywood latest news article on Singam 3 Tamil movie release date and also the Kashmora movie release date. We can’t wait for the release of these two interesting movies! How about you?

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