Shooting in Nigeria River State kills 14 churchgoers by gunmen

Shooting in Nigeria River State kills 14 churchgoers by gunmen

As per the latest Nigerain news, gunmen killed 14 churchgoers in the oil rich region of Nigeria that is River State on Monday.

The gunmen killed 14 pilgrims who were returning from midnight service in River State in Nigeria as reported by the police. The gunmen shot a set of worshippers at around 12:30 AM on Monday who were attending the New Year’s Eve service on Monday midnight.

The shooting occurred in the town of Omoku which is about 90 kilometers from the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt.

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A man loading his handgun. Photo courtesy of Pong/

The 14 churchgoers died on the spot and around 12 people sustained gunshot wounds. The injured pilgrims were rushed to the nearby hospital and are being treated for their wounds. The exact number of casualties were not confirmed at the moment.

The police also launched a manhunt for the bandits to ensure they are arrested and prosecuted. Nigeria’s River State is a region of poverty despite the wealth of oil and is common for powerful gangs who often engage in violent wars. Those gangs are known as cults in Nigeria which started as university confraternities many years ago and they evolved into powerful and armed groups which are now ruling the streets in that region.

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