Shocking – Family in UP calls off wedding due to Whatsapp

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In a shocking incident, a family in Uttar Pradesh called off wedding on the wedding day due to Whatsapp.

Going into the details, a family in Amroha district cancelled wedding stating that the bride spends most of her time on Whatsapp.

The bride and her kin in Naugaon Sadat village were waiting for the bridegroom and his relatives to arrive for the wedding ceremony on Wednesday. As they did not turn out, they were told on phone that marriage has been called off because the bride excessively uses Whatsapp.

Wedding representative image

Wedding representative image

But the bride’s family members rubbished the allegations that the real reason for marriage being called off at the last minute was that they demanded more dowry by the bridegroom’s side.

Bride’s father Uroj Mehandi filed a police complaint against bridegroom’s family for demanding Rs 65 lakh dowry. He fixed his daughter marriage with Qamar Haidar son of Fakeerpura. He said: “Our relatives and friends had gathered to welcome the bridegroom’s family and members of the marriage party. When they didn’t turn up, I telephoned the bridegroom’s father only to be told that they were calling off the marriage”.

Amroha SI said: “The bridegroom’s side have claimed that they snapped the marriage, which was to take place on September 5, as the bride had a habit of using WhatsApp excessively, and was sending messages to her in-laws even before the wedding”.



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