Shocking details of beautician Sirisha death mystery, Prabhakar Reddy death

Beautician Sirisha death mystery has been solved by the Telangana police who confirmed that she had committed suicide on Tuesday but was driven to it after facing an attempted rape from Kukunoorpally Sub Inspector Prabhakar Reddy.

On Wednesday, Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy shot himself dead under mysterious conditions. His relatives went berserk damaging public property in Siddipet alleging that Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy had suffered from harassment from senior police officials.

The cops however said that Prabhakar Reddy had committed suicide as his name was linked with the beautician Sirisha suicide case as per the latest Telangana crime news.

On Friday, the reasons behind the mysterious deaths of Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy and Hyderabad beautician Sirisha were revealed by Hyderabad Police Commissioner M Mahender Reddy in a press conference who explained the link between the two in detail.

Beautician Sirisha death mystery solved

Beautician Sirisha death mystery solved

Beautician Sirisha had been working with one Vallabhaneni Rajeev Kumar in a photo studio named RJ Photo Studio in Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills. She used to do make up for bride and bridegroom in marriages. It is learnt that beautician Sirisha and Vallabhaneni Rajeev Kumar entered into an extra-marital affair.

A Telangana crime news story has reported that Sirisha had been married with one Satish Chandra 13 years ago and the couple has a 12-year-old daughter.

Vallabhaneni Rajeev Kumar is reported to be a womanizer. Through facebook, he trapped a Bengaluru techie named Tejaswini whom he proposed to marry. However, in the recent times, Rajeev started to ignore Tejaswini who made a surprise visit to his photo studio to know the truth of the affair he was having with beautician Sirisha.

Tejaswini then started to go after Sirisha threatening her to move away from Rajeev. Following this, Rajeev’s friend Sravan suggested that Sirisha should meet his friend Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy to chalk out a plan to get rid of Tejaswini problem.

Rajeev, Sravan and beautician Sirisha set off for Kukunoorpally to meet SI Prabhakar Reddy on June 12. Late night, the four of them were drinking before Sravan and Rajeev took a cigarette break and were asked by Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy to visit a nearby prostitute den. Overhearing the conversation, beautician Sirisha messaged Rajeev to stay with her.

Meanwhile, SI Prabhakar Reddy under the influence of alcohol attempted to force beautician Sirisha to have sex with him after which she started to scream about in protest. All this happened in the police quarters which made the police sub inspector panic, and he started to hit her to make her quiet. Sirisha at that time had shared her whatsapp location to her husband without giving any other message.

Sravan and Rajeev were called back to take her out of the quarters and return to Hyderabad. Beautician Sirisha in a state of shock tried to get down from the running car and seeing that the two men hit her to force her to stay inside.

Once they reached the studio, Sirisha went upstairs while the two men stayed in the cellar for some time. Rajeev after sending off Sravan went to the studio but only to find beautician Sirisha hanging to a ceiling fan and already dead.

A day after that Kukunoorpally SI Prabhakar Reddy shot himself dead after getting intelligence inputs that he was being linked to the beautician Sirisha suicide case and that his rape attempt would also come out following the police investigation.

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