Shahid Kapoor to become Arjun Reddy in Hindi remake

As per the latest reports, Shahid Kapoor is all set to feature in Arjun reddy Hindi remake, the original Telugu flick played by Vijay Devarakonda in the lead role.

It was earlier thought that Vijay Devarakonda will be roped in for Hindi Arjun Reddy also and later reports came that Ranveer Singh will do the role. But now it is confirmed that Shahid Kapoor is roped in for the muck awaited Hindi remake of Arjun Reddy.

Shahid Kapoor Padmavati

Shahid Kapoor Padmavati

Director Sandeep Vanga first wanted Ranveer Singh to do the role but the actor is voluntarily off-limits to do dark characters after his role in Padmavati. So he contacted Shahid for whom this new avatar would become anti thetical change after his character of noble royalty in Padmavati.

For this, Shahid Kapoor had to work a lot and he need to shed off at least eight to nine Kgs of his weight. He need to learn how to snort cocaine and also how to inject himself with stimulants and uppers.

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