Sasikala Narra murder case updates : Mystery deepens as husband likely to attend funeral in India

Sasikala Narra murder case updates : Mystery deepens as husband likely to attend funeral in India

The Maple Shade cops in New Jersey are yet to solve the mysterious double murder case of Telugu NRI woman Sasikala Narra and her young son Anish Sai which happened on 23 March. Sasikala Narra murder case has intrigued many as it started off being looked as one of the many hate crimes in the recent times in the US to quickly being seen as an incident relating to troubled marriage.

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Narra Hanumantha Rao, the husband of the murdered lady has been suspected of murdering the duo as per Narra Sasikala’s parents living in the Prakasham district in Andhra Pradesh, India. This, they say was the result of an extra-marital affair carried out for a number of years by their son-in-law. A lady called Deepa Ajith has also been named in a heavy-hearted email written by the late Narra Sasikala to her brother Sunkara Venu.

Sasikala Narra Murder Case Updates

A website called has claimed that Narra Hanumantha Rao has been staying with a lady after the murders. It can be recalled that Narra Hanumantha Rao was not allowed to stay in his flat which had been sealed by the police. His passport is believed to be in the flat.

Narra Sasikala photo

NRI from Narra Sasikala murdered in New Jersey along with her son.

Meanwhile, as per Narra Sasikala case updates, reports have come that there are no official restrictions on the movement of Narra Hanumantha Rao and that he is likely to attend the funeral of his late wife and son Narra Sasikala and Anish Sai in India. The bodies are scheduled to arrive today as per media reports on the Sasikala Narra murder case with the delay caused by the family dispute.

There was another report that Narra Hanumantha Rao wanted to cremate them in the US itself and was seeking clean chit from his in-laws about his alleged involvement in the Narra Sasikala murder case.

As per the Sasikala Narra murder case updates, the husband has a strong alibi of not being in the flat at the time of the murder. He was confirmed to have been in his office attending a Happy Hour party, which has been reiterated by some of his colleagues.

The police haven’t ruled out the involvement of a lady killer in the Sasikala Narra murder. They believe that whosoever had done it had completed hatred towards the victim going by the multiple stabs on the faces and hands of the victims.

Even if it was a burglary attempt, it is not common for the burglars to kill a harmless 6-7 year-old kid.

Narra Sasikala Murder Case Video

Both the wife and the husband, Narra Sasikala and Narra Hanumantha Rao are employed at Cognizant. Narra Sasikala though had been working from home and used to get messages from an unnamed person about her husband’s closeness with a lady colleague in the same company.

Sasikala Narra’s parents had alleged that their son-in-law who they say had taken Rs 1 crore as dowry had been harassing their daughter. The irony was that Sasikala and Hanumantha Rao had a love marriage as per reports.

It has also been confirmed that all was not well between the parents of Sasikala and the parents of Hanumantha Rao. Sasikala Narra’s mother said that she did not even get a courtesy call from Hanu’s parents after the tragedy.

Narra Sasikala’s mother had claimed that the mother of Narra Hanu was in the know of the extra-marital affair her son was having and yet did not take any efforts to make him stop it and restore his family life. This, Narra Sasikala’s mother said, was despite Narra Hanumantha Rao’s mother paying a visit to the US and living with the couple.

Sasikala Narra in a mail to her brother confessed that she was bearing the troubled relationship only because of her son; otherwise she would have walked out of it and returned to India. She also confessed that after confronting her husband about his illicit relationship with a Malayalee woman, there was no sort of remorse on his part.

Instead, Narra Hanumantha Rao had reportedly threatened her to do what she could while saying repeatedly that there was no wrong in having an extra-marital affair, as reported by

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