Sasikala Latest Update : AIADMK Chinnamma reveals Jayalalitha last words

Sasikala Latest Update : AIADMK Chinnamma V K Sasikala Natarajan, the party’s general secretary on Sunday addressed MLAs at Golden Bay Resort in Koovathur near Mahabalipuram for the first time revealed Jayalalitha last words.

As per the Sasikala latest update that has come in, the AIADMK Chinnamma asked the MLAs to take a pledge in front of late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa that they will help the party capture the secretariat.

Jayalalitha Last Words Revealed by AIADMK Chinnamma Sasikala Natarajan

Addressing the MLAs, Sasikala Natarajan said that Jayalalitha last words to her were “No one can destroy our party.” AIADMK Chinnamma added she would even give her life to save the party.

However, there is no Jayalalitha last words video to authenticate Sasikala Natarajan’s version but she has been the only person who has been with the late TN CM in her last days in the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

AIADMK Chinnamma Jayalalitha last words

Jayalalitha last words revealed by AIADMK Chinnamma Sasikala Natarajan. Photo courtesy of AIADMK.

“I am going to take a pledge in front of Amma’s portrait that we will capture the secretariat. Everyone should take the pledge with me. Everyone should take the pledge at former CM J Jayalalithaa’s memorial on Marina Beach and then capture the secretariat. Amma has left behind the party as our wealth. We will take it,” Sasikala Natarajan added having just opened up about Jayalalitha last words.

Video of AIADMK Chinnamma Sasikala Speech to MLAs

On the education of AIADMK legislators, the AIADMK Chinnamma claimed, “You are not highly educated, but Amma was. Despite that, she trained you so that you could dream of one day becoming an MLA. Don’t forget what she did. How she raised you up from your humble origins.”

Sasikala Cries After Revealing Jayalalitha Last Words

Getting emotional having taken off the burden of revealing Jayalalitha last words, Sasikala Natarajan went on to say, “Even now when I think of Amma, I cry. I think of the great responsibility she and you the people entrusted to me.”

The AIADMK Chinnamma went on to say, “I swear on you – this party, this government, no one can shake me. I will give my life and save the party. It is a difficult time we are facing. Made more difficult by certain malicious forces at work.”

Hitting out at Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam’s image as a person of modest means, she said, “They say Panneerselvam is middle class. I am even more so. I come from a humble background. From a poor agricultural family. Everyone knows who is what. We all have to work together. I trust you.”

Stay tuned for more of VK Sasikala latest updates and the AIADMK crisis following the big fight of AIADMK Chinnamma vs OPS.


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