Saint Petersburg blast : Four people injured in explosion at supermarket

A blast occurred at supermarket in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg that injured several people on Wednesday.

Officials said that a probe was launched for attempted murder after an unidentified object exploded and four people have been hospitalized. The blast took place in a supermarket northeast of the city centre.

As per the primary investigation, the blast of an unidentified object took place near a store. It was reported that the blast was caused by a homemade explosive device with power equivalent to 200 grams of TNT filled with lethal fragments.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Ten people were injured in this blast and their condition is stable with no possible life threat. They are also probing on the act of terror. The Russian agencies reported that the explosive device was placed in a storage locker. The sound of the blast was heard at around 6:30 pm and many people were reportedly injured in the blast.

No fire broke out and all the shoppers have been evacuated.

Saint Peresburg in Russia was the target of metro bombing in April that claimed 14 lives and many people were injured. A group linked to Al-Qaeda claimed the bombing and said it was a message to countries who are engaged in war with Muslims.

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