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RX100 actress Payal Rajput to star in Arundhati 2

Payal Rajput of RX100 fame is all set to work in the sequel of Arundhati, Anrundhati 2 which was a hit film for Anushka Shetty.

Payal Rajput was recently seen in Sita and a special number Bulreddy.

Koti Tumula will be producing the movie along with other production houses and will be made with a huge budget and historical backdrop.

The film will be made with a universal story-line and pre-visualisation, graphics of the film will be taken care of by Hollywood technicians.

Payal Rajput is taking training for her stunts in horse riding and wielding knives. Shooting is expected to start soon. But it is yet to be confirmed as the filmmakers did not reveal anything about the same.

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