Russian man dies while posing for photo after he removes pin from grenade

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A man in Russia died accidentally while he posed for a photo by removing pin from the grenade which he shared with his friend before it went off within moments.

The deceased man was identified as Alexander Sasha Chechik and police suspect that the man did not expect the grenade to detonate until he threw it.

The selfie deaths are on a high rise as people are reaching out to more people on the social media platform and they are sharing everything with the world. This made people to post a photo while posing with risky and bizarre situations.

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade (Representative Image)

The Russian man tried to click a photo with real hand grenade and he took out the pin from the grenade while posing for a picture which he sent to his friend before it blasted.

Alexander Sasha Chechik was killed instantly in the blast and he sent several similar photos with grenades to his friends indicating that the blast was not intentional. Police suspect it as a case of accidental death and not suicide.

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