Blue Whale Game mastermind 17 year old Russian girl arrested

Russian girl aged 17 years, who is the mastermind of infamous Blue Whale Game has been arrested.

The Russian Police officers detained the teenage girl who was accused as being the mastermind behind the Blue Whale suicide game.

Blue Whale Game has provoked a large number of children all over the world to kill self as the last task of the game and to hurt their body.

The Russian girl threatened the Blue Whale Game players to kill themselves or their family members if they do not obey the orders or if they fail to complete the assigned the tasks for them in the game.

She also asked the players to self-harm by cutting with razor blades to carve the whale on the body.


Girl reported that the Russian state investigators said that the female death group administrator threatened the players that their family members will be harmed if they fail to obey her to commit suicide.

The game administrator was sending life threatening tasks to many members of the group. The teenagers were blackmailed with death threats against them or their relatives if they do not complete tasks.

50 tasks were set by the accused Russian girl and she aimed at creating psychologically traumatizing situations for the players and demands them to die in the final stage.

The tasks range from watching horror movies to walking in the middle of night and mainly self harming. The unnamed suspect told victims that she was a man.

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