Russia plane crash : 71 killed as Saratov Airlines flight #6W703 crashes after take off

Russia plane crash : In a deadly air accident, a Russian passenger plane crashed minutes after its take off from the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow on Sunday afternoon, reportedly killing all the 71 people on board.

The ill-fated aircraft involved in the Russia plane accident belonged to Saratov Airlines, which crashed about 80km of Moscow, in the south-east direction near the Argunovo village.

According to media reports on the Russia plane crash, it was a seven-year-old Antonov An-148, which was flying towards Orsk city in the Urals region, near the international border with Kazakhstan.

Flightradar24, a flight tracking site reported that the flight named as Saratov Airlines flight #6W703 was descending at 3,300ft per minute at a speed of 60kmph, just five minutes following its take off.

Flightradar24 tweeted on the Russia plane crash as: “Flight #6W703 took off from Moscow at 11:22 UTC time and 5 minutes later we tracked it descenting with 3300 feet per minute before the signal was lost.”

According to a BBC report on the Russia plane crash 2018, the Saratov-based Saratov Airlines was prohibited from flying international flights after surprise inspectors identified the presence of an unauthorized person in the cockpit of one of its aircraft.

Russia plane crash : Saratov Airlines plane crashed leaving 71 killed.

Russia plane crash : Saratov Airlines plane crashed leaving 71 killed. Photo courtesy of Papas Dos from Moscow, Russia/

However, a year later, Saratov Airlines appealed against the prohibitory orders and following a change in its policy, could restart its international flight operations.

Saratov Airlines operates mainly domestic flights but does have some flights to places in Georgia and Armenia.

The crash of Saratov Airlines flight #6W703 comes less than three years following one of the worst mishaps recorded in the Russian air crash history when an Airbus A321 crashed in the Egyptian city of Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people on board. The Islamic State or the ISIS had claimed responsibility for the Russian Airbus A321 crash, which happened on 31 October 2015.

Meanwhile, a probe has been launched into the latest Russia plane crash to look into the exact cause behind the air mishap.

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