Russia bomb blast news : St Petersburg metro train explosion leaves 11 killed, 50 injured

Russia bomb blast news : Terror has struck Russia after a considerable gap, with a powerful bomb blast in a subway train on Monday at St Petersburg, the country’s second largest city, leaving at least 11 dead and wounding more than 50.

A second bomb was recovered by the security agencies and was defused at the St. Petersburg subway station which otherwise could have doubled the destruction caused in the region. St. Petersburg’s metro system as a result was shutdown following the bomb blast.

The Russia bomb blast coincides with President Vladimir Putin’s visit to his home city of St Petersburg.

As per the Russia bomb blast news, Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and said that investigators were exploring whether the Russia train blast was triggered by terrorists or was an accident.

St Petersburg metro train explosion

Russia bomb blast news : Bomb in St Petersburg subway train kills 11, injures 50

So far, no terror group, whether it is the Chechen terrorists or the ISIS have claimed responsibility for the Russia bomb blast. There is a strong indication that the bomb blast in St Petersburg could have been carried out by Islamic terrorists in response to Russia’s military involvement in Syria.

Reuters has reported that the bomb blast in Russia could have been carried out by Islamist rebels based in the country’s North Caucasus region who had been mostly neutralized in the past but certainly not wiped out completely.

According to reports, the Russia train explosion was caused by unidentified explosive device around 2:30 PM in a train car that was passing through a tunnel having left the Technology Institute station and making its way to the Sennaya Square station.

Seven years ago, a Moscow subway was ripped through by a couple of suicide bombings that left 40 dead and injuring over a hundred. Chechen terrorists claimed responsibility for the Russia bomb blasts 2010 which was carried out by female suicide bombers.

In 2009, a bullet train from Moscow to St Petersburg was bombed leaving 26 dead and about a hundred injured, it was also claimed to have been carried out by Chechen terror group led by Doku Umarov.

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