Richard Spencer Gainesville speech at University of Florida met with mass protest

Richard Spencer Gainesville speech : White supremacist and president of the National Policy Institute Richard Spencer speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville on Thursday was heavily booed by students and other audience members.

Protestors chanted “Go home Nazis” in a bid to disrupt Richard Spencer speech even as the police in riot gear managed to have the situation under control.

One speaker who got on to the stage to introduce Richard Spencer said “We represent a new white America” while student protestors hit back shouting “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!”

Richard Spencer’s supporters, later on said: “You will not replace us!” from the front rows of the auditorium.

Richard Spencer photo

Richard Spencer . Photo courtesy of Richard Spencer.

The white supremacist accused the protestors of trying to stifle his group’s free speech which was filled with his ideas about the “ideal” of a white country, as per a report in Los Angeles Time.

The atmosphere at the University of Florida remained tense while police and media helicopters hovered over the venue to keep a watch on scores of protestors who were against Richard Spencer speech.

The last time, Richard Spencer made a public appearance at a considerable scale with other white nationalists was during the Unite the Right rally in August at Charlottesville in Virginia which resulted in a deadly riot leaving three dead and 38 injured.

Richard Spencer became popular for strongly supporting President Donald Trump and for his radical views for demanding a separate country for white people.

A growing in white nationalism in the US has triggered anti-supremacists to counter the former by mobilizing similar minded people to hold non-violent protests and pressure campaigns on firms offering services to white nationalists. At times, even violent attacks have been carried out by the anti-supremacists with an aim to push such companies out of public spaces.

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