Ravi Shastri latest interview : Star cricket commentator warns those trying to take advantage of BCCI crisis

Ravi Shastri latest interview : Former India captain and ex-Team Director Ravi Shastri has issued a stern warning to those nations who are allegedly trying to take advantage of the current crisis in BCCI.

As per the BCCI latest news, Ravi Shastri claims that the countries doing so are making a big mistake. He further adds that the BCCI has every right to demand every penny it deserves from the ICC. After all, it is the biggest revenue generator.

Ravi Shastri Latest Interview

In the Ravi Shastri latest interview published at Cricbuzz, the former all-rounder is said to have taken on those who are allegedly trying to take advantage of the situation in BCCI. “My warning to such people is: beware… This state of flux will not last for long. BCCI will be back where they belong very very soon. And that is why it is important that the BCCI stresses on the issues at hand,” he said.

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Ravi Shastri

A PTI report stated that Ravi Shastri was apparently referring to England, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa.

BCCI is currently undergoing a overhaul as, following Lodha Committee’s recommendations,  Anurag Thakur was removed as President and a few others from their respective posts.

On BCCI wanting a huge share of ICC revenue, the Ravi Shastri latest interview had the former Indian opener saying, “I was very pleased that the committee that went to Dubai for the ICC meeting really took up the issue with the ICC board. (Vikram) Limaye, Anirudh (Chaudhry) and Amitabh (Choudhary) – I’m glad they made the BCCI’s reservations very clear. In my mind, India deserve every penny that they get from ICC tournaments, simply because they are the Pied Pipers of world cricket”.

“Something like 80% of revenues for these tournaments come from India. Then to say that India is the bully, because they are asking for extra share, is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard. I say this because the BCCI is not asking for 80%, they’re asking for a much lower percentage. They have every right to. You take India out of the equation, I’d like to see what kind of revenue will be left,” he explained.

Ravi Shastri also dismissed allegations that he was backing BCCI as he was receiving financial benefits. “I’ve worked all around the world. If I am something today it is because of the opportunities the BCCI gave me, but not as a commentator. It is what the BCCI did for me as a player, a cricketer, people should get that clear in their minds. That is the most important role of a cricket board,” he further said as per the Ravi Shastri latest interview.

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