Rajasthan woman resists snatching, dies after falling off train in Delhi

In a tragic incident in Delhi, a 40-year old woman fell off the train and died when she was resisting snatching in the train.

This incident took place near the Old Delhi Railway Station. The woman identified as Sudhir Bansal was travelling with her son Gaurav who got recently enrolled in Delhi University and to get his accommodation.

They boarded the Yoga Express from Rajasthan and she was standing near the door of the compartment. The train got slowed down near the Mithai Pul, on the way to the railway station. Then a person caught hold of her bag and she tried to fight him off and lost her balance and fell down on the railway tracks.

Railway Tracks

Railway Tracks

She came under the wheels of the train and was injured. Even though her son tried to save her, he failed and she died while she was being taken to a hospital.

The thief fled with the bag containing cash, some important documents and an ATM card. Sudhir’s body was handed over to her family members after an autopsy and her body was taken to their hometown in Bhiwadi in Rajasthan.

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