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Rahul Gandhi meets Narendra Modi on farmers’ loan waiver with Congress delegation

A Congress delegation led by the party’s vice-president Rahul Gandhi met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday to address the plight of farmers across the party besides demanding a loan waiver on their behalf.

Key Congress leaders submitted a memorandum to Narendra Modi highlighting their demands for farmers’ welfare such as loan waiver, reduction of power bills by half and profitable minimum support price for farm produce.

The leaders present along with Rahul Gandhi were Rajya Sabha Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad, Lok Sabha Congress Leader Mallikarjun Kharge, deputy leaders in both the parliament houses Jyotiraditya Scindia and Anand Sharma besides UP Congress chief and filmstar Raj Babbar and Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh.

Rahul Gandhi meets Narendra Modi photo

Rahul Gandhi meets Narendra Modi with Congress delegation. Photo courtesy of PMO India.

Rahul Gandhi emerged out of the meeting saying that the Prime Minister gave a patient hearing to their demands but failed to commit on anything.

It was a short meeting that only lasted about five minutes as per media reports.

Rahul Gandhi after the meeting, said: “We, Congress party delegation, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the plight of farmers of this country. Every single day, a farmer is committing suicide in Punjab. Farmers are committing suicide all over the country.”

“The government has removed the import duty on wheat. This is a devastating blow. So we went to the Prime Minister to request him on behalf of farmers of this country to waive their loans.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly asked Rahul Gandhi to keep meeting him regularly on various issues.

Rahul Gandhi’s meeting comes two days after his explosive allegation that he had information about Narendra Modi’s personal involvement in corruption.

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