Punjab Assembly Elections 2017: Narendra Modi terms Congress ‘sinking ship’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, conducting his first rally in Jalandhar after the announcement of the Punjab Assembly Elections 2017 date, on Friday, launched another attack on the Congress.

He referred to Congress as a sinking ship that Punjabis would not like to board. He made an indirect reference to AAP as the party that was defaming Punjabi youth.

Addressing a large gathering ahead of the Punjab Assembly Elections 2017, Narendra Modi said, “It is very sad that some people are not discussing important political issues and instead defaming Punjab. I want to tell young men of Punjab that those who defame the state across the world should be given such punishment that they don’t dare to point an accusing finger at it in the future.”

It may be recalled that Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has alleged that 40 lakh youths in Punjab are drug addicts.

Narendra Modi | Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

Narendra Modi | Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

“Punjab suffered a lot during terrorism. Even in those turbulent times when Hindu-Sikh ties were strained, no one tried to defame Punjab. This election is an opportunity to punish those who defame its people,” he added.

Narendra Modi Speech Jallandhar Rally | Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

On the Congress, Narendra Modi said, “Can a sinking ship take the state across turbulent waters? Congress is history and is on its last breath. Five years back they were making preparations to take oath in Punjab and created a perception that chief minister Badal was losing power. But people brought him back. This time too Punjab would like to see him as chief minister.”

He further accused Congress of joining hands with Communists in West Bengal. “In UP, they took out a rath yatra and spoke against the Samajwadi Party, but when they realised there was no response from the people they joined hands with the same party. Congress has no principles,” Narendra Modi roared.

The Prime Minister continued to back demonetisation. “From 2012 to 2014, people would read headlines about scams. After demonetisation, people can see what is coming into government coffers. My fight against political corruption will continue and this will not stop. Those who are losing their loot wealth of last 70 years are worried,” he went on to add in his campaign speech for the Punjab Assembly Elections 2017.

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