Powerful and deadly Hurricane Irma moves towards Florida

Hurricane Irma is heading towards the US state of Florida on Friday having ripped through Cuba and Bahamas, and earlier causing irreparable damage in the Caribbean while killing 21 people.

Floridians can call 1-800-342-3557, the Florida Emergency Information Line 24/7 in case of any emergency situation and for help with evacuation, sheltering and transport.

US President Donald Trump on Hurricane Irma tweeted: “Hurricane Irma is of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen. Be safe and get out of its way,if possible. Federal G is ready!”

By all counts, Hurricane Irma is expected to be much stronger and tougher than Hurricane Harvey which has devastated Texas very recently.

As per the latest reports, Hurricane Irma is likely to make a landfall in Florida on Sunday morning which gives some sort of time to leave their homes for safer zones.

In a briefing on Friday morning, Florida Governor Rick Scott in his Hurricane Irma update said that the storm is powerful and deadly and that people should not ignore evacuation orders. Rick Scott advised the Floridians, that they should remember that they can rebuild their homes but cannot rebuild lives while urging all of them to be prepared to evacuate.

Florida Governor Rick Scott briefing on Hurricane-Irma

Florida Governor Rick Scott briefing on Hurricane-Irma

Hurricane Irma as per Governor Rick Scott is wider than the entire state of Florida making the damage to both life and property almost inevitable.

Florida Governor Rick Scott Hurricane Irma Update

Floridians have been caught up in a dilemma whether to leave the state or stay back at their homes. If one has to go by Florida Governor Rick Scott, then the residents are waiting for something catastrophic to happen from Hurricane Irma which has been downsized as a Category 4 Storm but still packing winds at around 250kmph.

The problem with the Floridians is that even if they want to leave, they are getting stranded in massive traffic jams on the highways. And, also there is hardly any fuel supply midway owing to the mad rush of people evacuating in thousands of numbers.

Those who have to stay back are expected to see massive flooding and power outages for few weeks apart from the dangers brought to their lives by the high winds and heavy storm.

Coastal areas of Florida are likely to be badly hit with storm surge and a series of tornadoes in store in the next couple of days at least. As much as 20 inches of rain is predicted to be seen in certain parts of Florida as per the National Hurricane Center.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has warned residents of Florida Keys, a 120mile long stretch of islands off the southern tip of Florida, to evacuate immediately to save their lives.

The Governor also activated the state’s disaster fund to help individuals impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Florida Governor Rick Scott commenting on the Florida Disaster Fund said: “We expect that Hurricane Irma will have a major impact on our state and we must use every available resource to meet the needs of our families and communities.

“We have heard from many individuals and organizations that want to offer help to Florida families and the Florida Disaster Fund is a great resource to support the disaster relief organizations across the state. I encourage all Floridians to look out for one another and work together to stay safe before and after the storm.”

Next week, the after effects of Hurricane Irma are likely to be felt across Georgia, South Carolina and western North Carolina which would see heavy rains and flash flooding in certain mountainous areas.

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