Police arrest rogue Robot in Russia

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Police arrested humanoid research robot named as Promobot in Moscow during a September 15 political rally featuring Russian parliamentary candidate Valery Kalachev.

On seeing the robot at the rally, police were tipped off about its presence there. It has been reported that the robot was recording public opinions about the political issues which made the police to arrest it.

Apparently this was the third incidence that has this robot causing trouble in the public. Earlier it escaped twice from its lab and caused traffic jams by wandering along the streets.

Robot Promobot arrested by police in Russia

Robot Promobot arrested by police in Russia

The robot ultimately ran out of power before it was taken under control then.

It is built with a technology of answering to questions of people. This robot also remembers the people who talk to it and also what they spoke about

A Russian robotic company by the name Promobot based in Perm is the maker of this robot.

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