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OROP Suicide : Delhi Police arrest and release Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal

In what was turning out to be another case of Rohit Vemula suicide, opposition parties Congress and AAP tried to make most of the news of an army veteran committing suicide allegedly over the One-Rank-One-Pension (OROP) scheme.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi led the opposition charge to seize advantage of the situation against the Narendra Modi government which was followed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Both the leaders were detained by the Delhi Police before being let off after they tried to meet the ex-serviceman’s family and relatives.

Rahul Gandhi asked: “Did I make a mistake by offering condolences to the family?” following his release from a police station in Delhi on Wednesday night.

Rahul Gandhi photo

Rahul Gandhi

This was after Subedar Ram Kishen Grewal, a 70-year-old committed suicide by drinking poison on Tuesday, in a lawn behind a government building in Janpath.

Ever since then, the opposition which is very few in numbers, has been trying its best to politicize the issue and tarnish the Narendra Modi government which is already facing a tough challenge in handling Pakistan’s relentless attack at the LoC.

The timing of both the suicide and Rahul Gandhi’s potential protests could cause a headache for Narendra Modi in the coming days.

On Wednesday afternoon, Rahul Gandhi was not allowed to meet the slain Grewal’s relatives at the hospital where his body was lying. Rahul Gandhi was detained with the police saying that medical services would be disrupted at Ram Manhoar Lohia Hospital because of the high-profile visit.

Rahul Gandhi was again detained at a police station when he tried to meet Ram Kishen Grewal’s son who was kept in it with along with other family members for allegedly protesting at the hospital over the OROP scheme.

The government in its defence said that Subedar Ram Kishen Grewal was receiving benefits under the scheme but it was slightly lesser than what he actually should have got.

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