O Panneerselvam latest news : OPS reveals torture and harassment for years

O Panneerselvam latest news : Slamming AIADMK general secretary Sasikala Natarajan, Tamil Nadu acting Chief Minister O Panneerselvam on Sunday claimed that he was harassed and tortured for many years.

Addressing the media alongside his supporters, O Panneerselvam revealed that it was only the late Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa who stood by his support.

Reiterating the claim that AIADMK MLAs had been forcibly detained by Sasikala, Panneerselvam alleged, “Even today many party MLAs are contacting me and telling that for each MLA there are four ‘gundas’ sitting there.”

O Panneerselvam Latest News

O Panneerselvam Latest News

Panneerselvam also made a big claim that Sasikala Natarajan had detained the AIADMK MLAs forcibly in the resort adding that the MLAs are contacting him to say that for each of them, four gundas were sitting alongside to control them.

Further, OPS said that several AIADMK cadres outside Chennai, are venting their opinion against Sasikala Natarajan from taking over the next Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

O Panneerselvam Latest News

Panneerselvam said: “I have a question. On Saturday Sasikala went to Kuvathur, where MLAs are staying at a resort. Why did she go?”

Calling AIADMK Chinnamma for shedding crocodile tears in her Sunday speech to the MLAs, OPS said that by making new remarks every day is not going to help her cause. Panneerselvam said that his camp will prove its strength in the Assembly.

The acting CM also brought in the name of Deepa Jayakumar and questioned why the latter was not allowed to see her aunt’s body after her death despite being Jayalalitha’s brother’s daughter.

On Sunday, Sasikala Natarajan for the first time showed the MLAs in front of the media to say that they were not locked up. VK Sasikala refuted allegations from the Panneerselvam camp that she had kidnapped the MLAs and detained them in the resort while blaming the opposition parties for spreading rumours.

Following a meeting on late Sunday evening with the MLAs at the Golden Bay resort in Kuvathur, Sasikala Natarajan who allowed media persons in the resort said: “You can see truth that none of our MLAs have been forcibly kept here, we are living here as a family.”

On the other side, O Panneerselvam was boosted by another AIADMK MP Parthiban, the well known actor cum director. This has taken OPS’ MPs score to 11 although it is the number of MLAs that he would want to grow.

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