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NJ, NY bombing suspect, an Afghan origin man nabbed in Linden

In a dramatic turn of events, the US security agencies have captured a suspect on Monday – a 28-year-old naturalized American citizen Ahmad Khan Rahami of Afghanistan origin at Linden in New Jersey in connection with Saturday’s bomb attacks at Seaside Park and New York City.

Investigators have also found out that Saturday morning’s Seaside Park bombing and the Saturday evening explosion in Manhattan in Chelsea, New York City were connected with each other, and were indeed a terror attack linked to Radical Islam.

The bomb blasts suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami was spotted sleeping in a bar doorway. A subsequent gun fight with police saw him wounded though he was conscious when rushed into an ambulance and taken to the University Hospital.

Two police officers involved in the nabbing of the terrorist have been reportedly injured with none of them having any life threatening injuries.

New York Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Capture Video | Linden Terrorist Shootout Video Footage

Earlier the FBI had released a poster of Ahmad Khan Rahami, declaring him as ‘wanted’  in the two cases after a video footage gave them the much needed breakthrough in solving them.

Ahmad Khan Rahami New York Bomber

Ahmad Khan Rahami New York Bomber

Another clue was discovered when the investigators found a fingerprint on a bomb device that did not explode. A total of four explosive devices were used by the terrorist, one at Seaside Park, two at Chelsea and one unexploded device at the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station.

Apparently, Rahami has been identified as a resident of Elizabeth.

It has been reported that for the first time ever, security agencies informed the citizens by sending out a mobile alert featuring the terrorist photo, his vehicle 2003 Blue Honda Civic with NJ registration D63EYB besides calling him as armed and dangerous.

Ahmad Khan Raham Wanted Poster New York and New Jersey bombing

Ahmad Khan Raham Wanted Poster New York and New Jersey bombing


In the two explosions that took place on Saturday, at Seaside Park, there were no injuries at all while in New York City, 29 were injured.

So far, the investigators have not found any broader links of any terror group with Ahmad Khan Rahami and it is possible that he had acted on his own, a lone wolf attack inspired by the ISIS call.

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