Narra Sasikala murder news : Victim’s parents allege son-in-law had murdered daughter and grandson

Narra Sasikala murder news : Victim’s parents allege son-in-law had murdered daughter and grandson Apr 1 : Sasikala Narra murder case updates : Mystery deepens as husband likely to attend funeral in India Mar 29 – Sasikala Narra murder case update : Muslim neighbour claims discord between victim and her husband

NRI woman techie Narra Sasikala murder in New Jersey had caused a lot of uproar, even in the Indian Parliament as initially it was linked to hate crimes in the US against immigrants. Along with her 7-year-old son Anish Sai was also found murdered. However, it didn’t take much long for the murder angle to change with Sasikala’s husband, N Hanumantha Rao being accused of the brutal crime by his in-laws. Mar 28 : Sasikala Narra murder case update : Lady killer behind twin murders?

Update on March 27, 2017 : NRI woman Narra Sasikala murder case : No arrests yet but husband’s role suspected strongly

As per the latest media reports, N Hanumatha Rao was detained by the NJ police but was released after questioning.

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His in-laws, Sunkara Venkateswar Rao and Krishna Kumari are alleging that their son-in-law had murdered their daughter and grandson. As per a report in Deccan Chronicle, the retired teachers alleged that their son-in-law had been harassing their daughter for over five years.

murder representative image

Murder representative image. Photo courtesy of Simon Howden/

They alleged that Hanumantha Rao was having an affair with another woman which came to be known by the murdered Narra Sasikala who is said to have approached her mother-in-law but in vain.

Further, Sasikala’s parents allege that Hanumantha Rao had taken a huge dowry of Rs 1 crore from them for marrying their daughter. Parents of the murdered NRI woman who live in Tadigadapa near Vijayawada claimed that the parents of Hanumantha Rao did not bother to even call them after the tragedy.

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