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Narra Sasikala murder case was perfectly planned and executed

Aug 11 update : US investigators seek public help to solve Narra Sasikala murder mystery

In spite of more than a month gone, there is no news about the local police in Maple Shade, Burlington in New Jersey State solving the mystery of the Narra Sasikala murder case.

Narra Sasikala Murder Case Mystery

News is that the murderer, he or she, whosoever it is had perfectly planned and executed the double murders of Sasikala Narra and her 7-year-old son Anish Sai Narra.

Mind you, the FBI, rated to be one of the best investigation agencies in the world, has also been called in to solve the Sasikala Narra murder case mystery. Yet, there is no real progress in the Maple Shade murder case.

Looks like it could have been the work of a professional killer who had carried out murders on behalf of someone. As the planning and execution cannot be so meticulously done with a first-time killer expected to make one or two mistakes that could have easily had him or her caught by the cops by now.

However, the question is had it been a hired killer, then why the murder of Narra Sasikala and her son would be so brutal with multiple stabbings on the face and hands, indicating as if the person involved had immense hatred towards the victims.

Narra Sasikala photo

NRI from Narra Sasikala murdered in New Jersey along with her son.

Having said that, it may also indicate that there was considerable resistance from Sasikala Narra and her son against the killer. But they may have screamed like anything during the murders which surprisingly did not catch the attention of any of the neighbors, given that Narra Sasikala was staying in Fox Meadows Apartment.

Narra Sasikala Murder Case Updates

Anyway, the latest we hear is that the Burlington Country Prosecutor’s office has announced a cash reward of $45,000 for information given about nine unsolved homicide incidents under its jurisdiction, reported Telugus Today.

The Fox Meadows Apartment in the past as well had seen murders happen, the building is said to be jinxed with mysterious killings. So, perhaps the Narra Sasikala murder case may involve an unidentified serial killer who doesn’t have any connection with the victims whatsoever.

Background of Sasikala Narra Murder Case

The Sasikala Narra murder case dates back to March 23. Her husband, Narra Hanumantha Rao came home from an office party to discover his wife and son in a pool of blood following which he made a frantic call to 911.

The scene later shifted to Andhra Pradesh state in India where Narra Sasikala’s parents without any hesitation started blaming their son-in-law for the murders citing old emails of their daughter. The emails which were released to the press revealed that Narra Hanumantha Rao had been harassing Narra Sasikala for some years as he was believed to be in an affair with a colleague at Cognizant. Now, whether that is true or false, we cannot say.

Apart from that Sasikala Narra’s parents even claimed that their son-in-law had taken Rs 1 crore dowry for marrying their daughter.

Narra Hanumantha Rao was initially questioned by the police based on the allegations on him as well from India. But, he was not arrested as the police couldn’t get any evidence against him.

Although, he was not restricted from leaving the US, Narra Hanumantha Rao chose not to travel to India for the last rites of his wife and son. May be, he did the right thing as in another case which of course happened later, Gudur Madhukar Reddy’s wife was attacked by his relatives when she had come from the US for the last rites of her husband who had committed suicide in Seattle.

Meanwhile, the parents of Narra Sasikala have become quiet on the topic all of a sudden which makes us wonder where has all the noise gone, how could they stop their fight for justice by using the media to make their voices heard.

Several unanswered questions remain over the Narra Sasikala murder case mystery. Hope, we get to hear the real truth very shortly.

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