Narendra Modi inaugurates Sardar Sarovar Dam, calls it an engineering miracle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the controversial Sardar Sarovar Dam on River Narmada on Sunday which also happened to be his 67th birthday.

The Indian Prime Minister said that no other project across the world had to deal with the kind of hurdles that Sardar Sarovar Dam had to face while alleging that several people over the many years had conspired to prevent it.

However, Narendra Modi said that his government is determined to complete the Sardar Sarovar Dam project which he called as an engineering miracle that needs to be studied by every engineering student.

Narendra Modi inaugurates Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Narendra Modi inaugurates Sardar Sarovar Dam. Photo courtesy of Prime Minister of India.

At a rally about 55kms from the dam location in Vadodara district’s town of Dabhoi, Narendra Modi said that the Sardar Sarovar Dam will become symbolic of the new and growing power of India and will accelerate development in the region.

Dedicating the Sardar Sarovar Dam to the country on his 67th birthday, Narendra Modi said that several false allegations were put on the central government over the project. He also said that several people were plotting to halt the project while adding that he was aware of everyone who had indulged in it but will not name them.

Narendra Modi Speech During Sardar Sarovar Dam Inauguration

Narendra Modi said: “A massive misinformation campaign was launched against the project. The World Bank which had earlier agreed to fund the project, refused to give loan for it raising environmental concerns. But, with or without the World Bank, we completed the massive project on our own.”

Acknowledging that water shortage was a significant factor in decelerating the development speed, Narendra Modi said that the project will also draw water from the dam to the India-Pakistan border in Gujarat to cater to the water requirements of BSF soldiers. He also said that it would help states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Modi gave a political twist when he said that had Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and B R Ambedkar lived longer, then the dam would have been constructed in the 60s and 70s itself to boost the economy and help solving the problems of floods and drought.

The Sardar Sarovar Dam has finally become a reality after almost 56 years since its foundation stone was laid by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Over the years, the Sardar Sarovar Dam was caught in controversies and had to weather massive opposition from affected villagers who were all led by social activist Medha Patkar through her Narmada Bachao Andolan campaign.

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