Nani introduces Bigg Boss 2 Telugu contestants : 13 celebrities & 3 common people

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu started with Nani’s songs and he danced for a song. He entered Bigg Boss house and introduced each corner of the house. We can see a prison in the Bigg Boss house and the house looks colourful.

After that Nani introduces first contestant who is none other than popular Telugu singer Geeta Madhuri. She entered the house and says the house is very colourful and amazing.

The second contestant who enters the house is Amit Tiwari who played as eve teaser and villain in many films.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 (Big Boss season 2 Telugu-Official/Facebook)

Deepti is the third contestant to enter Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. Deepti works in TV9 and belongs to Vijayawada. She is a news reader and TV anchor.

Fourth housemate to enter Bigg Boss house is child artist and hero Tanish.

Fifth house mate is Babu Gogineni who participates well in the discussions in most of the Telugu channels.

The sixth contestant is Bhanu Sree. She acted as body guard to Tamannaah in Baahubali and few other films.

Seventh house mate is Roll Rida. Mumaith Khan dances for his song during his performance.

Eighth participant is anchor Syamala, who also acted in films in supporting roles. She said that she is having 11 months boy Ishan and husband promised to take care of him as opportunity comes to only few.

Next house mate number nine is Kireeti Damaraju. He acted in evade subramanyam along with Nani.

Tenth contestant to enter the house is Instagram star, Deepthi Sunaina aged 20 years. She hugs Nani before entering the house.

Eleventh house mate is serial actor, Kaushal. He acted in many films also.

House mate number twelve is actress Tejaswi. Thirteenth house mate is Samrat Reddy.

Housemate number 14 is Ganesh, one of the common man from Vijayawada. Another girl comes in as housemate number 15 Sanjana Anne from Vijayawada. She is a model and became Miss Hyderabad in 2016. The last housemate from audience is Nutan Naidu.

After the introduction of all housemates, Bigg Boss welcomes all and wishes them a happy stay at Bigg Boss house after the 16 contestants gather in the living room. Then he asks them to give two names of contestants who are not suitable to stay in Bigg Boss house.

Two common people Sanjana and Nutan Naidu are nominated and they are asked to stay in the jail room and are locked inside.

In the promo of next episode, we could see Sanjana talking with Babu Gogineni that common people are nominated are are not given chance. She added that they will also become celebrities after one episode is aired. So let us see how common people will fight with celebrities to prove their talent in the Bigg Boss house.

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