Nagrota Terror Attack : Seven army men martyred, hostage crisis averted

An Indian Army headquarters in Nagrota in Jammu district on Tuesday morning came under attack from heavily-armed terrorists disguised in police uniform, killing seven army men and triggering a hostage situation in the family quarters.

The Nagrota terror attack began at around 5:00 AM where there was near darkness caused by foggy conditions.

The terrorists were trying to take around four to five families as hostages but the situation was averted by brave army men who managed to rescue them but suffered casualties in the process.

The hostage crisis involved women and children, including two newborn babies. It has been reported that their mothers had shown presence of mind to make it difficult for the terrorists to enter their quarters by using all the household items to block their way.

Nagrota Terror Attack Update

Nagrota Terror Attack Update

Nagrota is 13 kms north of Jammu and is home to the Indian Army’s 16 Corps.

The terrorists managed to kill an Army officer and three soldiers in the initial assault. Later they moved towards the residential quarters with an aim of taking hostages and ensure that the damage they cause would be maximum.

However, they were fought off by the defence personnel who gunned down all the three terrorists. While 16 civilians, all related to the army men were rescued, an officer and two soldiers who were involved in the counter-action succumbed to injuries.

The Nagrota terror attack is the biggest strike after the Uri terror attack on September 18 which nearly made India think about going for a war against Pakistan.

In another terror attack, a group of terrorists targeted a Border Security Force (BSF) patrol in Samba district. Four BSF personnel were injured in the attack while the three terrorists who carried out the attack in the Chamliyal town in the Ramgarh sector were all shot dead before they could cause any casualties.

The BSF said that their men were injured because of the firing from the Pakistani side which was providing cover for the terrorists who hid in a tubewell room in a farm.

All eyes will be on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, on what India’s response will be on the latest provocation from the Pakistanis which comes three days after they named Kashmir expert General Qamar Javed Bajwa as their new Army chief.

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