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MH370 Latest News : Aus investigator says MH370 crashed without human intervention

MH370 Latest News : The ill-fated Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight carrying 239 passengers and crew could have descended rapidly following shortage of fuel before crashing without any human intervention according to a new investigation report revealed on Wednesday.

Analysis of wing flap debris of MH370 hinted that the plane was not configured for a landing according to a report released by Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), which is leading the search. The wing flap debris found along the coast of Tanzania was confirmed to be part of MH370 in mid September this year.

In what has been one of the most mysterious aviation incidents, Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane disappeared out of the radar on March 8, 2014 and was never found again. Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, MH370 remains to be an unsolved puzzle even after nearly two years of its disappearance.

Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 photo

Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Latest News

Satellite communications from MH370 were consistent and in line with a high and increasing rate of fall, heading towards a death dive as per the new ATSB report.

The 28-page report filed by the ATSB on the missing MH370 mystery features new end-of-fight and drift stimulations which seem to lead to the point that the current search area is most likely to be the crash area.

As per the experts, if there was any human intervention during MH370 through gliding it, then the debris field could be beyond the 120,000 sq km (46,330 sq mile) search zone which has almost been looked through in detail. The ATSB suggests otherwise that there was no human intervention involved which narrows down the search.

Authorities are now assuming that there was either no pilot or any conscious pilot during the descent as the plane possibly could not record any inputs. They are arriving at a belief that MH370 was on auto-pilot and spiraled out of control when it ran out of fuel.

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