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Marathi actress Pooja Zunjar & newborn baby die after delivery

Marathi actress Pooja Zunjar and newborn baby died after delivery due to childbirth complications as no ambulance was available to take her to the hospital in Hingoli district of Maharashtra.

Pooja Zanjur, aged 25 years was a lead actress in two Marathi films. Pooja and her newborn baby died within hours of birth on Sunday. She took break from the films due to pregnancy.

Her relatives claimed that she would be alive if they could get an ambulance in time. The incident took place in Hingoli district, 590 km from Mumbai in Marathwada region.

Pooja was taken to a primary health centre in Goregaon around 2 AM on Sunday when she went into labour at her native place in the district. The new born baby died within minutes after delivery.

The doctors at the primary health centre advised Pooja’s family members to take her to Hingoli Civil Hospital, 40 km from Goregaon. They got a private ambulance but she died during the journey.

A medico-legal case has been registered and police are recording statements of Pooja’s relatives.

Dr Shivaji Pawar, District Health Officer, Hingoli, said, “Patient (Pooja) was admitted to the Goregaon Primary Health Centre (PHC) on October 11. She started getting premature labour pain in 33rd week of pregnancy. There were some complications in her pregnancy as she was under weight and had low HB count, and therefore she was referred to Civil Hospital in Hingoli.”

The Doctor added that Pooja was admitted to Hingoli Civil Hospital on October 11. She took voluntary discharge from the hospital on October 13 against medical advice. Dr Pawar said, “On October 19, in the evening, Pooja was once again admitted to Goregaon PHC. After her medical examination and tests, Dr Shakeel Pathan, Medical Officer, advised her to move to Hingoli Civil Hospital as it was a premature delivery case.”

Dr Shivaji Pawar informed that at around 10:30am, Dr Shakeel Pathan advised Pooja’s family to get accommodated in the only ambulance which was carrying another patient to Hingoli Civil Hospital, but Pooja’s family was reluctant to go. He added, “On October 20, at around 2:22am, Pooja gave birth to a stillborn baby and after hearing about it she went in a shock. She had to be immediately rushed to Hingoli but the only ambulance at Goregaon PHC had not returned from Hingoli which is 30km away.”

While Pooja’s family tried their best to arrange for an ambulance, they couldn’t get one. They also called BVG’s 108 ambulance who didn’t respond. Mr Hanmant Gaikwad, Founding Director of BVG, said that, “It is a very sad incident that should not have happened. BVG manages and runs 937 ambulances on the behave of the state government. Every ambulance managed by BVG is GPS tracked and all records are thoroughly kept. So the records can be examined.”

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