Man kills self after murdering seven months pregnant wife in Hyderabad

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In a shocking incident, a man killed his seven months pregnant wife on Saturday morning and later killed self by jumping in front of a running train between Vidyanagar and Jamia Osmania on the same day afternoon.

The man was identified as Mekala Madhav aged 30 years and was working as an assistant bank manager. His wife was 25 years old Sumalata and the couple had disputes and were counseled by the elders.

Madhav and Sumalatha got married ten months ago and had domestic disputes and were not happy. Madhav killed Sumalata on Saturday morning by strangulating her and he later left home and killed self.

Pregnant woman

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As per the police, Sumalata’s mother went to her daughter’s home at Nallakunta after she came to know about her son-in-law’s death news. After reaching there at around 11 PM, she found that the door was locked and broke the lock with the help of the neighbours and found her dead.

No suicide note was recovered and police will check any personal note or diary entry that either of the couple had.


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