Malkajgiri Bachpan school kid drowns in open sump in Telangana

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Children’s day turned into a mourning day for a Bachpan school kid and his parents as the student fell into an open sump in the school and drowned.

Police said that the school management was negligent as they left the sump open while filling water. The deceased boy was two and half year old Nama Shiva Rachith and was studying play school in Bachpan located at RK Nagar in Malkajgiri.

The boy was found drowned in an open sump located within the school premises and it was an underground water sump.

The school management was not aware of his whereabouts until Shiva’s mother Vishala went to school to pick him up. Vishala said: “When I asked them to send my child out, they said he had not come to the school. I and my husband and his friends searched the premises and found my child drowned in the sump”.

A case has been registered against the school for the death of Shiva due to negligence. Nama Shiva Rachith was the younger son to Anil Kumar and Vishala and they are living at RK Nagar. They joined him in the Bachpan play school which is just 400 meters from his home.

Nama Shiva Rachith Bachpan school kid

Nama Shiva Rachith Bachpan school kid

Anil dropped his younger son Shiva at school on Tuesday and waited at the gate till he entered inside the school building.

Police are examining the school’s CCTV footage.Shiva’s mother Vishala went to school to pick him at around 11:25 am on Tuesday. When she asked the school staff to send her son outside, they insisted that he had not come to school. Then she called her husband and he came to school with his friends who were stopped at the entrance.

They went into an argument with the school staff and they went inside and started searching for him. They could find Shiva’s school bag inside the classroom and showed it to the staff.

Then they were allowed to search for him inside the school campus and someone checked the sump and shocked to see him floating. The sump was full of water.

Vishala claimed that the staff spoke very rudely with her until her husband arrived there and did not allow her to talk even.

It was reported that sump remains closed usually but was kept open when the water was released into it.

Police are examining the CCTV cameras installed in the campus and said that they will take action against the school management based on the evidence.

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