M5 road accident : Four die, three injured as lorry collides with vehicles in Gloucestershire

M5 road accident : In a horrific accident in south Gloucestershire, a lorry smashed into oncoming traffic traveling southbound towards Bristol leaving at least four dead and three injured.

Among the injured, there is a woman and two kids who are being treated for life-threatening injuries in Bristol hospitals.

The M5 road accident has been reported to have taken place at between junctions 14 and 16 across the northbound carriageway at about 2:30PM on Saturday.

According to the police, the lorry collided with at least a couple of vehicles coming from the opposite direction following its crash while crossing the central reservation.

The lorry driver managed to survive in the M5 road accident and is hospital for precautionary measures.

Following the Gloucestershire road accident, the M5 motorway was closed for several hours to allow rescuers and investigators to carry out their respective operations. Eventually, the southbound side of the motorway was reopened three hours after the M5 road accident.

M5 motorway which links linking the Midlands and the South West in England

M5 motorway which links linking the Midlands and the South West in England. Photo courtesy of Martin Bodman/Wikipedia.org.

Supt Simon Ellis of Avon and Somerset Police talking on the M5 road crash said that his department has been working along with multiple agencies after the horrific collision.

Ellis added: “Emergency service personnel have been working tirelessly at the scene in harrowing conditions and I’d like to praise them for the work they’ve done and are still doing.

“I’d also like to thank the members of the public who courageously went to the aid of those involved in this collision and in some cases rescued them from their vehicles.

“Our priority is to ensure the victims’ next of kin are notified and supported, as well as the ongoing management of the scene, and this important work is ongoing.”

So far details haven’t come out about the reason behind the crash by the lorry driver in the M5 road accident.

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